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Australian Synchrotron: Enabling step change in advanced materials

25 September 2018

Here I am with Donavan Marney (ANSTO – Industry Support and Outreach Scientist) learning how the extraordinary Australian Synchrotron can isolate material failings.

Kerryn Caulfield with Donavan Marney

The X-ray Fluorescence Microscope (XFM) is an instrument that enables the high-resolution mapping of elemental distribution with high sensitivity on a solid sample. Multiple elements with an atomic number greater than 14 (Silicon) can be simultaneously scanned with micron resolution over relatively large areas (mm2 to cm2) to give detailed elemental maps with millions of pixels. A typical materials application of this technique might be in the investigation of sample cross sections to examine the ingress of chlorine into a polymer surface or the composition of a high-tech multi-layer coating.

Donavan’s article for the Composites Australia magazine can be found at this link: