Research, Development & Innovation

For over 50 years, Composites Australia Inc. has been a strategic partner to many research initiatives through Universities and other dedicated R&D enterprises and a conduit through which cutting edge RDI is communicated to industry. To achieve this Composites Australia actively lobbies state and federal governments to financially support the development and expansion of state-of-the-art R&D facilities.

Given the rapid rate of technological advancement, RDI is important for companies to stay competitive and allows companies to create products that are difficult for their competitors to replicate. RDI efforts can also lead to improved productivity that helps increase margins, further creating an edge in outpacing competitors. From a broader perspective, RDI can allow a company to stay ahead of the curve, anticipating customer demands or trends.

Composites Australia has been involved in a range of collaborations that connect the capabilities of RDI enterprises and Universities with the demand from industry for technology that addresses large scale challenges and generates value.

Composites Australia is continually providing effective ways for industry to identify and engage with Australia’s significant research capability and is always exploring areas to further improve how industry and research/academia can engage, add value and deliver impact.