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Network objectives

The Carbon Fibre Collaborative Network aims to

  • develop an industrial cluster in carbon fibre technology as a fulcrum for the adoption of carbon fibre technology for merchantable manufacturing outcomes
  • identify the research or manufacture capacity through a technology survey
  • foster industry/research,development and innovation collaborations to accelerate the development and adoption of carbon fibre materials and processes
  • diffuse carbon fibre technology into SMEs and the composite value-chain
  • develop a vision for carbon fibre fabrication and manufacturing in Victoria
  • raise the participation of Victorian SME engagement in research, developmnent and innovation
  • facilitate  links between SMEs, RDI and research institutions
  • provide a platform for all participants for the exchanges of their needs, new technologies, targeted solution solving pathways and technology listing
  • introduce good management practices for knowledge assets in industry and RDI organisations

The project will also leverage off existing RDI, intellectual property and talent that has been developed in
industry and RDI agencies, particularly through the legacy of the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for
Advanced Composite Structures which has been generating new competitive technology since 1991.