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The Edge marks a new era for caravans

Advanced composites have taken a dramatic leap into the ‘self-contained recreational vehicle’ market with Bolwell Corporation’s ‘Edge’ off-road touring caravan.
From both an industrial design and aesthetics stand-point Bolwell, with its expert team of industrial designers and
engineers, has created a remarkable vehicle from moulded carbon-fibre.
The Edge is winner of the Automotive Engineering Excellence Award from the Society of Automotive Engineers. It has received a Special Commendation for automotive engineering initiatives from SAE and the JEC Asia Pacific Award for Transport Innovation.

The award winning Edge caravan from Bolwell Corporation

The award winning Edge caravan from Bolwell Corporation

The innovation
Looking more like something from the race-track, the Edge comprises large moulded carbon-fibre pieces, making it entirely free of rivets. The sides are each made from a single mould.
Owen Bolwell says, “The secret to the strength of the body lies in its meticulously designed and optimised shape. Computer Aided Drafting was used extensively from the concept stage right through to final tooling design, over a period of twelve months.

The process
A significant investment in tooling was made. Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) – Lite provides an ideal method for creating a carbon-fibre body that is smooth, streamline and

Rear view of the Edge caravan

Aerodynamic - the rear view of the Edge

In body production, the male and female moulds are vacuumed together and sealed and the resin material is pumped through with vacuum assistance. This results in a product that has a superior finish, and which also minimises potential exposure to styrene emissions for employees.
RTM – Lite also requires less floor-space than other manufacturing methods. “There are many benefits to using RTM – Lite”, Owen says. “We are also automating the trim stage now, following the RTM process, to improve upon the speed and consistency of our output.”
Users frequently comment on the exceptional road-handling of the Edge, which is positioned in the marketplace as a ‘high-end’ caravan.
“At Bolwell we do everything … the wiring looms and design of the chassis was all done in-house by our automotive engineers.” 

Other products
The Bolwell team has confirmed its reputation for making optimal use of composites and aerodynamics to produce performance bodies for a broad range of markets and environments including the transport, mining, marine and sustainable energy industry.
Manufacturing out of Melbourne and Thailand, the company is building global markets for its products.
The  truck manufacturer Kenworth, is a major Australian client.
The company has continued the tradition of bespoke high performance designs with Vaughan Bolwell particularly proud of the success of the company’s ‘gold medal’ racing bike produced for Australia to compete in the Commonwealth Games.  

The company
The Edge  is the result of a long evolution in industrial design for Bolwell Corporation.
The company is considered one of the founding organisations of composite design and manufacture in Victoria, Australia.
Commencing 50 years ago in Melbourne, the company soon made a name for itself with its exclusive, locally-built, carbon-fibre body cars. The exclusive Mk VIII ‘Nagari’ sports car was first created in 1969, with the Mk X Nagari a feature at both Melbourne and Sydney Motor Shows in 2008.
“We have an amazing senior management team with past experience in creating multi-million dollar hi-tech boats, so we go to great lengths to satisfy customers,” says Owen Bolwell.

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