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Mr Fon Hah

Management Consultant, Helmsman International

Topic: Improving project performance


In Australia, we have some of the best engineers and technical capabilities in the world. We do not lack the ‘hard capabilities’ to deliver projects. However, some companies undervalue the importance of soft capabilities in driving project performance. When there’s insufficient communication, engagement, leadership and alignment, we tend to compensate with more policies, processes and procedures. Then we often end up with indecision, lack of accountability and people issues.

Projects need to get the right balance between ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ capabilities. After 10 years research into the drivers of success in complex projects, we’ve learnt that a project might ‘deliver’, but to truly ‘perform’ this balance of capabilities is needed. We’ll share the research insights from more than 1,000 projects, and the methodology, examples and other approaches used by similar projects to get the balance of capabilities right.


Fon commenced as a management consultant at Helmsman International in October 2016. He is currently serving the Defence and Oil and Gas sectors, specialising in project planning and delivery. Prior to this, he held a number of management roles in corporate strategy at Suncorp, Microsoft, and Wesfarmers over ten years to 2015. Earlier in his career, he spent ten years at PWC and KPMG trained in mergers and acquisitions. Fon holds a Bachelor of Business and a Masters of Applied Finance from Macquarie University. He is member of the Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand. He is a Board member of The Brain Foundation.