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Dr Rik Heslehusrt

Director/Owner, Heslehurst and Associates Pty. Ltd.

Topic: An adhesive selection methodology


When developing a component that will require adhesively bonded joint how do you determine the adhesive type to use in the bonding joint?  There are many parameters and design issues to consider. This presentation has been developed to help identify the important selection parameters that will point to a most correct adhesive type to use in the bonded joint. The global considerations are the materials to be joined, adhesive performance and geometric requirements, joint geometric constraints, fundamental joint configuration description, current adhesive stock, installation requirements and capabilities, fabrication and operational conditions, surface preparation requirements and capabilities, failure modes and effects, damage tolerance and durability, maintainability and repairability, design robustness, complexity of the joint and cost of the adhesive system and fabrication equipment.  Each of these global considerations will be expanded in detail in the presentation.


Dr Rik Heslehurst is a former aeronautical engineering officer in the RAAF with16 years’ service.   Following 22 years with UNSW and ADFA, Rik now is activity involved in two companies.   Rik has presented training courses for industry in aircraft design, airframe design and analysis, structural joining methods, damage analysis and repair design, and composite structural design.  Rik also consults for several national and international organisations including; the Australian Defence Force, NASA, Gulfstream Airplane Company, Walt Disney Imagineering and General Atomics.  Rik also undertake private and corporate sponsored RDT&E in composites and bonded structures.

Rik has a BEng (Aeronautical) degree, MEng, and a PhD.