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Marky Industries
Marky's silicon vacuum bag technology is a world-class reusable closed moulding system that streamlines composite part production. The system makes superior parts using a smarter, and more cost effective composite manufacturing process that helps protect the environment with the reduction in single use plastics and other consumable waste.
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The Simbiant B600 built by BAC Technologies Pty Ltd
A multi-mission, heavy lift aerial test platform
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Latest edition of the Connection Magazine
This edition of the magazine features startups, young companies which are embracing the bold challenge of bringing a new product or process to market. The companies, product offerings and entrepreneurial journeys confirm what we already know, which is that composites technology is a fertile medium for new products.
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Did you know that Australia has the highest rate of pools per capita in the world?
Of the new inground pools built each year across Australia, 65 to 70 per cent are now made of fibreglass. In addition to large purpose-built factories, Australian pool manufacturers have built a sophisticated network of well-trained builders and solid dealer networks.
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Research and Development
Australian industry is fortunate to be served by a national network of R&D and testing agencies and Universities that advance the science and technology of composites materials across raw materials, manufacturing processes and end use products and applications.
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Sovereign capability in polymer solutions
Gel coats provide a magnificent flawless appearance and contribute to durability. A typical gel coat formula contains between 15 and 25 different components all of which have to work symbiotically. Learn more about the chemical inputs and high quality resins that create pure clarity, deep luster, and a brilliant shine.
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Who we are

Composites Australia exists to increase awareness of the capabilities of the Australian composites industry and the adoption of composites technologies by Australian manufacturers, engineers and designers.

A member-based organisation, we connect and support the development of the industry and facilitate collaboration with researchers.

Composites Australia provides a forum for the industry to exchange information and promote the development of new markets for composite products.

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How cool is this stand made from #recycled plastics that I found in my local #Coles supermarket? CompositesOz photo

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May 2020 edition of 'Connection' out now!

The official magazine of Composites Australia Inc., 'Connection' profiles the capabilities of the Australian composites sector whilst connecting manufacturers with markets, suppliers and research organisations.
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Spa Industries (Australia's largest spa manufacturer) generously hosted a tour of their manufacturing facility.
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